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Xtreme Marine Parts and Accessories


We provide and supply a wide range of boat and engine parts and accessories. Anything you can think of for your boat or trailer we can get! Below are a list of our supplier web sites and catalogues. Click on the item to the left of each tab and it will take you directly to their web site or catalogue. Find something you like? Just give us a call for pricing and availability. Don't see what you are looking for; call us and we will help you find it or point you in the right direction.

Western Marine
Parts Catalogue

Click the above link to view the Western Marine Parts & Accessories Catalogue. Western carries everything you need for your watercraft. Look up everything from life jackets and wakeboards to rod holders and downriggers. Look up any part you may need and give us a call to see if we have it in stock. If we need to order it in it'll only take 2 days and can be installed in your boat in no time!

Sierra Aftermarket
Engine Parts

Sierra Marine is the leader in today's aftermarket parts industry. They carry just about everything you need to repair your engine.  Sierra offers some of the best warranty protection on parts in the industry.  Sierra also offers a ton of great information in the back of the book as well including oil capacities for engines as well as serial number lookup to determine the age of your engine.

We are the authorized dealer for Roswell Wake Air, Aerial Wakeboarding and Monster Towers  in the area! All 3 suppliers offer a great product range in towers and tower accessories. Click on the logo to the left to check out their sites!

Wake Towers
Wake Makers 

Looking at adding more ballast to your boat? Adding more ballast either on top of the factory ballast or installing a new system from scratch, Wake Makers offers everything you need to get the job done.


They also offer lots of surf options for your boat including props, wake deflectors, boards and much more!


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