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Ultimate Wake Board Tower Buying Guide

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Roswell Area 52 Tower Install

One of the most common questions we get asked is "What tower will fit my boat?"

Well, this is really up to you. When researching aftermarket wake-board towers you'll notice that virtually all of them are 'Universal Fit' meaning they fit any boat 72" to 102" in width, which the majority of boats are. So with this in mind, the two deciding factors will be your budget and style.


Towers come in a range of prices. Some starting as low as $600 CAN and some well above $4,500 CAN once all the accessories are added. Another consideration to have is whether or not you will be installing the tower or having a shop do the work for you. This can add another $500-$1,000. In a lot of cases you will get back what you put into the tower when you go to sell the boat as most buyers of used fiberglass boats are looking for a wake tower already installed when they purchase a boat.

Roswell Aviator Tower


This is where things can get overwhelming. There is an abundance of tower manufacturers out there all offering 3-4 different styles of towers. Add that all up and you could be looking at 40-50 different designs of towers! I like to point in people to the 2 most popular designs out there; A forward facing tower or rear facing tower. The advantages and disadvantages between the two are minimal so at this point, it's what you think will look best on your boat. Once you get that narrowed down and you have your budget in mind this will greatly reduce the number of options.

The next step would be to jump on some of the manufactures websites and have a look at their customer galleries. Very likely they will have a picture of your boat with a few different tower options on it that previous customers have sent it in.

Great now you've got the style and price in mind but what about the color!?! Most manufacturers offer either a polished or black tower, some are now offering a powder coated white but not everyone. Again, this comes down to your personal preference. Both options hold up well to pitting and discoloring and most manufacturers are offering a good warranty on their products like the Monster 5 Year Warranty.

Monster MTE Tower

Hopefully the above information has been helpful for you in your decisions making on the right wake-tower for your boat. Wakeboard towers are a great addition to the boat. They give the boat that updated look and serves a great point for wake-boarding/water-skiing or knee-boarding. They also provide a great place to store boards and ski's out of the way so they're not taking up room in the boat.

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1 Comment

I sure would like to thank Tyler for the good job to get me in as quick as he did this time of year (boating). Done a fantastic job and quick installing and supplying of a wake board tower. I would recommend you to give him a call for your boating needs.

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