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Your Boats Safety Gear

Do you have all the minimum amount of safety gear on board as required by Transport Canada? Transport Canada requires you to have all these items we are going to list below on-board at all times the boat is in the water. You will find many times during the summer they are out doing checks at the boat launches or even sometimes in the water. You don’t want to ruin your day on the water all because you don’t have a sound signal on-board right?

Let's have a look at the list of items they require you to have, this pertains to all boats equipped with a motor that are up to 6 meters in length (19’8”).

-Life Jacket or PFD for each person on-board

-Buoyant heaving line 15 m (50') in length

-Reboarding device / ladder

-Manual propelling device OR anchor with 15 m (50') of rode

-Hand-bailer OR manual pump

-Sound signaling device

-Navigation lights - if operated at night or in restricted visibility

-Class 5BC fire extinguisher if equipped with an inboard engine, fuel tank, fuel-burning stove, fridge or heater

If your boat is over 6 meters to 9 meters in length ( 19’8”-29’6”) you must carry all of the above as well as:

-6 Flares: Type A, B or C

There are many boating safety kits out there which contain a number of these items in a small compact kit, look for them in any of your marine service shops.

Keep in mind these apply to you even if you are just renting a boat for the day or borrowing one from a friend. All the equipment must be in good working order and easily accessible within the boat.

Transport Canada also lists the following items that can be extremely useful in order for you to have the best time in the water:

-Spare clothing in a waterproof bag (weather can change without notice, and it’s best to be prepared)

-Drinking water and snacks

-Tools and spare parts (fuses, spark plugs, etc.)

-First aid kit

We sell all these items in our showroom so feel free to stop in anytime and pick something up you may be missing. Below is a link to Transport Canada’s Safe Boating Guide, it is always best to give it read if you are new to boating or need a refresher on some helpful tips.

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